Wherin I declare a race.

I am running a race on July 4 with the Husband and Yarnsticks! According to her we haven’t seen each other since Rhinebeck ’06 which is just bad. It’s my fault, I was a bitch and we hit a rough patch but I like to think we’ve worked through it. I can’t imagine not having her as a friend and I’m lucky that she’s hung in with me for as long as I have.

I suppose, if I’m honest, we really won’t be seeing each other at the race. I’ll be seeing the back of her head as she plows through the race and I plod through 3.1 miles huffing and puffing and coming in last. And then I will pass out with exhaustion.


One thought on “Wherin I declare a race.

  1. I can’t believe you wrote that! You were so not a bitch. It was what it was. It’s in the past. You are one of my very few close friends. Every long friendship (it has been nearly ten years!) are bound to have their ups and downs.

    And, as for the race… I will most likely be right there with you. I am way out of shape. :)

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