Two men enter, one man leaves.

Last week we had some nasty wind and unfortunately, the wind knocked a branch onto the shed. There was carnage.

Destroyed Shed

We had been planning on buying a new shed in the next couple years, but I think Mother Nature decided we needed one now. I just wish she was a little more subtle in the telling. So, this year, we get a new shed. I’m not looking forward to wandering the aisles of home stores looking for the right one.

On the knitting front…well, there isn’t much to report. I’ve been knitting like mad on the Sister’s wedding shawl but it doesn’t seem like I got anything done. I ripped out 14 pattern repeats two weeks ago in a fit of frustration. I had been doing a row consistently wrong. I knew I was doing it wrong but couldn’t figure out what was right. I did one last Google search and got the answer. Since the error was bothering me to no end, I frogged about two months of work. I didn’t rip out all of it because the casting on took forever. Instead, I can live with a couple of wrong repeats instead of the whole thing AND it only took a week to redo the 14 pattern repeats. It’s funny how fast you can begin to knit when you have memorized the pattern and don’t clean your house. Each pattern repeat is 12 rows and I’m at repeat 25 out of 40. The wedding is in May. Will I do it? Of course I have yet to take a photo of the thing.

I’m sure there is more to say, but with all the knitting, my hand is cramping so it’s time to leave the computer. Tonight I have a ballroom dance class!


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