Yarnsticks in dream form

I have been having the weirdest dreams lately. Last nights was no excepction

I went to visit yarnsticks in *insert name of her state here*. During my visit I learned she had written (and published) a recipe book that also covered eco-friendly farming. Both topics centered around recipes and faming techniques for people with major allergies (like milk!). Turns out it was a very interesting book (of course, I don’t expect any less from yarnsticks).

Oddly enough, I remember one of the tips I read in the book. Instead of using store-bought plant food, use juice concentrate. It has all the same nutritional value but is better for the environment.

yarnsticks gave me a copy of the book when I left but I felt so bad she wouldn’t get a sale on it that I decided to buy it from Amazon.

Then I woke up. Very weird. I have no idea where that one came from. Maybe my brain is telling me it’s time for a visit.


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