The best laid plans

So for my 10 pounds in 10 weeks I lost….*drum roll*…0 pounds. That’s right, I didn’t lose a thing. Apparently it doesn’t really matter that I’m still at my starting point because my dress came in last week and it fits fine. I could gain a couple pounds and be okay or I could lose a couple pounds and still be fine.

However, I’m still going to keep trying to lose weight. I have been eating pretty well and exercising a lot, and even though I haven’t lost any weight, I look like I may have gained a little more muscle or at least started changing how I look. The cellulite on the back of my thighs has decreased and my torso is more firm. Plus, and this is the best part, I can do push-ups without using my knees! I can only do about 13 in a row, but it’s 13 more than I could do before. Not that there is much need for push-ups in life. I will never have a boss walk in and say I can have a raise if I can do 20 push-ups, which at this moment is unfortunate.

I owe a lot of this new-found strength to my boot camp class and two workout DVDs. The first is The Biggest Loser (Vol 1) DVD. I love this DVD. It’s four 20-minute workouts, two are cardio and two are weights. All four are a challenging workout. The only problem is the biggest losers keep talking! It’s cute the first time and I could totally relate with their comments, but after a few times I just want to jump into the TV and stuff my sports bra down their throat.

The second DVD workout I have fallen in love with is actually a set–Jillian Michael’s The Biggest Winner. I haven’t done all the DVDs yet, but holy crap! When they say Jillian is TV’s toughest trainer, they ain’t kidding. I was dying by the end of the first tape and while that could easily deter me from doing it again, I wanted to do more and prove to myself that I could beat her.


One thought on “The best laid plans

  1. How are you doing with “The Biggest Winner”? I have just moved onto the Maximize sets of the videos and holy cow, they are harder than ever before! Keep at it and eventually, we will beat her! I’m just glad that no one makes a “mistake” in the Maximize versions of the DVD’s or else I think that I really would die.

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