My sister is getting married in May. It’s been a quick turnaround since her engagement in December but she’s on top of every detail so I’m sure everything will be ready come the end of May. However, I want to lose some weight for the wedding. I have various reasons, one of which being I want to, and 10 pounds will still keep me in my healthy weight zone.

I’ve decided to do lose 10 in 10 (weeks that is). That will get me to goal around the beginning of May so I’ll have a few weeks to maintain or lose one or two pounds more if I so choose.

Why did I decide to do this? I ordered the bridesmaid dress and I’m now worried it won’t fit. See, the problem with David’s Bridal, at least the one near me, is that they never, ever have my size. They have sizes 8 and 12 without fail. I can’t zip up an 8 and I’m swimming in a 12. Makes one think they should have a 10, no? Except now that I ordered the 10 I’m worried it will be too small. Hence, my need to lose 10 pounds. Just in case.

So I have three goals to meet every week to lose 1 pound:

  1. Eat more fruit and veg for my snacks. I do this now to a point but I’m not as consistent with this as I should be.
  2. Watch those portions! This is my biggest failing. I eat more than I should in a sitting. I need to eat slower and stop when I’m full or even a few bites before I realize I’m full.
  3. Exercise every day. I already exercise about 4 days a week, but I want to start doing a bit more.

I’m not sure how much I will track here. Will I put in my daily food journal? Positive things I did (like throwing out uneaten potato chips!!!!)? Exercise? I don’t know yet. We’ll see what I decide to do.

3 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Ugh. Losing weight is SO hard. Unless, of course, you have a little parasite inside, or a leach on the outside. I am, of course referring to the only times in my life that I have ever lost weight without meaning to: during pregnancy and while nursing.

    Personally, I don’t recommend either as an acceptable method of weight control. :)

    I think that posting your food journal would be helpful. Heck, anything you write that will keep yourself accountable will be helpful!!

    Good luck. I’ll be cheering for you. And if you ever want to run together…

  2. My doctor gave me a perscription for Phentermine. It’s a little….SPEEEDY…..huh? What was that?? Where? Who? But, I’ve adjusted nicely and I’ve lost about 60 pounds of horrible baby weight. WHY does the baby weight go directly to your ass?? Is this supposed to balance your basketball in the front chi or something?? Anywho, Phentermine and my own personal hell machine…(an elliptical…fun.)…been working so far. Good luck!

  3. While I admire your dedication, I cannot help but be worried where those 10 pounds will have to come from on you.

    Hope to see you soon, sometime in spring maybe?

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