My dog ate my homework?

Happy New Year!!!!

*whisper whisper*

Wait. What? Really? Um…nevermind.

IMG_4464So where the heck have I been? Here. Sitting on my bottom avoiding the blog. Don’t know why. I just have. I still have 2007 finished projects to post. Oi. I’ve been a bad, bad girl

That said, here is how I spent Christmas Eve! We had our traditional Christmas Eve with friends. This year almost each person (the Husband does not cook) had a course to make and then each course was plated. I made French Onion Soup and it was awesome! We had so much food and it was all very, very good. I think the winner would have to be dessert. My godson made cookie pizzas. He made cookies and iced them (he’s 6 so he had help) and then we put our own toppings on them. Nerds are really, really good on an iced cookie.

Then for Christmas day we celebrated “Jewish Christmas” as my sister-in-law calls it. Basically, there is nothing to do on Christmas if you don’t celebrate the holiday, so we go for Chinese food and a movie. This year we had Indian for lunch and Chinese for dinner. It was heavenly. AND we saw Sweeney Todd. Loved it, but the blood in it’s spouting form was a little unexpected.

Then the Sister got engaged (finally). The Wedding is in May and I’m making a shawl for her as an engagement gift. The yarn is dental floss. It’s insane but going somewhat fast. I will get pictures at some point.

That’s all for now. I’m tired. I will hopefully do better this year. I’ve just not been feeling it. But I still love all of you!! Please, don’t be mad!!


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