FO: Odessa

IMG_4384Pattern: Oddessa
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino
Needles: US7 (I think)

Edited to add (5/21/08): Sadly, Magknits, the site that had this  pattern is gone and I do not have a hard copy.

I first saw Odessa and fell in love. I vowed that I would make it for my own winter hat. So I picked up the yarn and a few months later made the hat. It looked very pretty. Then I put it on and felt like I had a condom on my head. A glowing, orange condom. It wasn’t my style of hat. Off to the donation pile it went.

I still think Odessa is beautiful but it’s not for me. Now I need to find another hat.

Edited to Add: I forgot to mention that I changed the pattern a bit. The author of the pattern calls for a yarn over for the increase. I didn’t want holes (I’m in the North East and it gets cold here) and I can’t be bothered to remember to twist the YO on the next row up. Instead I used a M1 increase.


One thought on “FO: Odessa

  1. I saw your pictures up before and you sent me the link to the pattern. I have now made 2 Odessas–one for me and one for a friend. I am a fairly new knitter, and had a problem–after the initial inch, once you start the slant, I have holes that are big. I tried to pull tighter there with the second hat I made, but you can still see them. Any suggestions?

    I only started knitting last year (a couple scarves in a couple months…then stopped until November). I ventured into hats in December (attempting on my own first), and this was my first time following a pattern.

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