FO: Calorimetry

IMG_4387Pattern: Calorimetry
Yarn: 100% Merino Wool
Needle: US 7

When I first saw Calorimetry, I thought it was kind of…somewhat…well, silly. And maybe stupid. Why would anyone want a headband for cold, North Eastern winters. Then I saw a couple completed ones.

And it sort of grew on me.

Then I realized that when I bought the yarn that was finally used for the last Twisted Drop Stitch Scarf I also bought one skein of a Tahki yarn. I loved the feel of the yarn and the color AND it was 50% off. Unfortunately there was one skein. I thought, being the hopeless idiot that I am, that I could fine more online. That didn’t happen. So as the Calorimetry lust began to infect me, I decided to use that lone skein of yarn.

IMG_4390I love it. It was a quick knit that incorporates a technique that I haven’t had nearly enough practice on. The end product is soft, warm, and as it turns out, practical. I wear it instead of a hat. I have short hair and Calorimetry seems to be a great idea for long hair in a ponytail; however, when I go on a walk in winter I over heat with a hat on. If I take that hat on, my ears freeze and give me a headache. With this, I keep my ears warm but I let the heat out the back. Weird, I know. But there you go.

I’m a Calorimetry convert.


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