Twisted Scarf

IMG_4395Pattern: Twisted Drop Stitch Scarf
Yarn: 100% Merino Wool
Needle: US 15

I had three skeins of chunky yarn that I bought on clearance. I loved the yarn. It was soft and yummy but I really had no idea what to do with. Of course, I bought it anyway.

A year later and I finally had a project for it. A twisted drop stitch scarf for Made by Hand. Something that was warm but stylish (at least in my mind it’s stylish) for someone at a domestic violence shelter. Thus the scarf was born.

I think it took three days at the most to make and then about 2 months for me to get photos. Followed by another month for the post. But here it is. Oooh and aahh and love the scarf. Go on. I know you wanna.


One thought on “Twisted Scarf

  1. Oh this is hysterical to me. I just Googled “what is a twisted stitch?” and found your original pattern. I just commented on it before clicking your main page to see what you’ve been doing since 2006. And the scarf is back in your most recent entry. It truly is beautiful, and a brilliant pattern. I’m going to be making it for an upcoming scarf exchange among friends! I don’t knit with wool, so I’m hoping that the Jiffy “Thick & Quick” is just as good for the project!

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