Godkids rock the casbah

I’m kidnapping my godson and his sister for a day over Christmas break and taking them to the movies. Well, actually, first I’m taking them to drop off the Made by Hand items to the domestic violence shelter, then taking them to lunch, and then going to the movies. Maybe there will be ice cream or something in there because I plan to spoil them rotten during the day!

I’m really looking forward to this excursion but am a little nervous. I’ve never taken kids on the town  by myself before. What if someone runs by and snatches the 6-year-old from under my nose? What if I need to go to the bathroom? What if they start crying? What if they get sucked into the escalator?

Sheesh. I’m going to drive myself nuts before this even happens. How do you parents handle this EVERY DAY?


One thought on “Godkids rock the casbah

  1. How fun! They are definitely old enough that it should be a fun, rather than stressful experience (I’ll let you take my two out, for comparison, if you like…).

    1. Hold the six year old’s hand. Then, no can snatch him. :)

    2. If you need to go potty, they go with you. The six year old should be little enough not to care about going in the girl’s bathroom. (Mind doesn’t care in the least).

    3. Um… why would they cry? Planning to bring pins to prick them with?

    4. Skip the escalator, just in case. And elevators.


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