Boxing through Halloween.

IMG_4285So let’s see. Big nasty storm? Check. Everyone being told to leave early today? Check. Wait. But I have boxing. I, like the idiot I am stayed for 5:00 boxing and drove home through a blizzard. I was the only student there and it was so worth it. I need a cookie. And an ice pack.

I was told by my instructor that “I have power!” and that I need to work on speed. I asked if he meant I had power for a girl and he said no. I have power for a boy. That makes me exceedingly happy. I love this class. I’m learning how to fight and how to think about fighting, and it makes me more confidant when I walk through a parking lot at night. Granted, if someone attacks me I still may not be able to get out of it, but I can handle myself and give the guy trouble increasing my odds. I hope. Of course I just try to avoid walking through parking lots at night alone all the time.

It’s almost Christmas and I just got the Halloween photos finished! Technically I still need to work on the Kaua’i Pictures from January but I’ll get there. Slowly. I have to say, Halloween this year was the best so far when it comes to prep work. I had the costumes done by the beginning of the week and had the Sister stopping by a few nights to help cook. It was almost heaven. There was still the mad rush at the end but it’s getting better. If we go forward with the costume ideas next year, it will be insanely easy. Sort of.

My wrists are tired from boxing and typing so I’m calling this good enough. Have a great day. Hug someone you love and, for goodness sake, stay out of the snow during a blizzard!


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