Two by Two, Socks of Blue

IMG_4371Pattern: The basic ribbed pattern “Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn: 75% Wool, 25% Nylon
Needle: US 1

I made these over the summer so it’s all a little hazy. Did I mention I was behind on listing out my projects?

I went with a very basic sock pattern just to see what it would look like and work out the questions I had with my last pair.

IMG_4374I love these. When I made the first sock, I put it on and left it there for the next hour or two while I began the second. The Husband began calling me “One sock Lizzy. Scourge of the Seven Seas.” After I laughed whatever I was drinking through my nose (ow), the name stuck. I guess now that I have two socks, I’m Two Sock Lizzy, but no one other than my sister is allowed to call me Lizzy and my Husband is buried in the backyard for his offense. At some point I’ll dig him back up.

I have no idea who makes the yarn. It’s something I bought at the last Rhinebeck and didn’t see them this time (although I was wearing these socks at this year’s Rhinebeck).

You may notice from the pictures that the toes and heels are a slightly different color than the rest of the sock. I wanted to see what would happen if I used a different color of Wooly Nylon. I don’t hate the result but neither do I like it.


2 thoughts on “Two by Two, Socks of Blue

  1. You wouldn’t happen to be a Browncoat…would you?

    Beautiful socks! I’m making my own “2×2” currently – but mine are for the hubby. :) First pair. Kinda scared.

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