In which I write about my week.

So, American readers, how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was lovely. Good food, good family, good Wii and you can’t beat a good Wii. We went away during the weekend to see Enter the Haggis play in Saranac Lake. They were unbelievable performers and I want to see them again. When we got back I FINALLY got pictures of my last few projects save the one I can’t find. It’s in the charity pile somewhere. Either way I hope to get a few project posts up over the next week.

I’ve been very bored about my knitting lately and I finally figured out why. It was that darn cardigan. I started it, without a pattern, almost two years ago and while I liked it I just wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to get back to it but when I looked at it I would just get annoyed. I finally decided to rip it out and start with something else. I found a pattern and have been knitting like a madwoman ever since and that makes me happy. I was afraid I was over knitting and then what would I do with my time?

Speaking of which, I’m looking for advice. I’m a application/web programmer and I’m over it and have been for some time. I think I finally figured out that I want to switch gears and stay with basic HTML and CSS coding but expand into Flash, graphic design, movies, and animation. How would you go about doing that? I’m looking into degrees or just classes but I’m not quite sure how to go about doing this while making sure it’s really what I want to do. I don’t want to be bored a year or two after doing it. How would you go about switching careers?


One thought on “In which I write about my week.

  1. Our T-giving was pretty quiet – just the three of us at home, followed by a week and halfs worth of left over turkey.

    I envy you – I like Enter the Haggis too (first heard them on Cast-On), and would love to see them live. IT sounds like a blast.

    Glad to hear you found your knitting mojo again – some projects are like…. that baby blanket I made comes to mind. Sucked the life right outta me.

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