The Giving of Thanks

So I entered LJ Idol with my other (LJ) blog. I don’t link to it from here because it tends to be just me bitching or whining and I don’t want everyone to connect it to me because I’m sweet and lovable and who am I kidding. Anyway, this week’s topic was “The Giving of Thanks.” Since today is Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving!) I thought I would copy it here and call it an entry. Why yes I’m lazy.

The Giving of Thanks

Dear Aunt Sally,

Thank you for the red, green, blue, and black bathrobe you sent to the Husband and I. Being able to share such a vibrant and soft piece of clothing will bring us closer. We look forward to wearing it together on cold winter mornings. Thank you for thinking of us on our engagement.


Dear New Pants,

Thank you for making my butt look good and my legs look really long. As I get older, it gets harder to make certain areas look good and you do it without breaking a sweat. I will try to not tear you or spill on you. Thanks for the self-esteem boost.


Dear Hotgirl1487,

Thank you for your concern about my erectile dysfunction. I have been concerned with my inability to get my manly other bits to become erect but as a girl I felt there were more important issues to be worried about. You took the time to reassure me. The fact that you care about my situation when you really don’t know me makes my day a bit more special.


Dear Stomach,

Thank you for falling out every time I screw up my eating. Because of you I need to take note of the bathroom’s location every place I go. And maybe, on occasion, you’ve forced me to use a bathroom that probably contained buried bodies and diseases I would hate to name, but without your constant rumblings, I wouldn’t appreciate how well everything else works. Thank you for being a big pain in the neck.


Dear Random Driver,

Thank you for being such an idiot. When you swerved into my lane you really got my heart rate up. Your maneuvering was an excellent substitute for the workout I missed today at lunch.


Dear Husband,

Thank you for being so snuggly. Thinking about sitting on the couch with you puts a smile on my face. You make the end of every day happy and soothing. Please don’t ever stop sitting on the couch with me.


Dear LJ Idol,

Thank you for making me write thank you notes. Normally I hate the chore and will forgo it entirely, but today, with you for inspiration, I have enjoyed the process. Than you for making me think about giving thanks.


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