*whimper whimper*

I’m at work whimpering because I feel sick. I have felt sick for the last three weeks. I’m going back to the doctor tomorrow. It’s probably just a cold after the strep after the this and after the that, but I want to be healthy again. And yes, I did say I’m at work. I work for a college that has unbelievably great benefits so I can call in sick but I’m so behind on work that I just can’t bring myself to stay home. With the strep I stayed home only one day. I need to stop doing that.

In other news what is up with my stats? They have been increasing every day and I’m writing less. It’s just plain weird. Is it the holidays and everyone is looking for patterns to make for their loved ones? Is anyone else experiencing this?

I have nothing to write about if you can’t tell from this entry. Leave a topic in my comments. Ask me a question. Anything! I need ideas people!


2 thoughts on “*whimper whimper*

  1. i hope you feel better. this goes without saying, but i hope you’re not at work with a temperature! (sorry, the nurse in me comes out)….oh, and blogland does love you….my stats are decidedly down. ;)

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