Can I have my last few weeks back?

IMG_4273When last I wrote, I was in Rochester for a conference. While there, I had a bad sick-related night (not food poisoning but nasty just the same).

Then I came home exhausted.

My yarn-obsessed friends and I drive to Rhinebeck where I blew away my budget on yarn. It was mostly alpaca-based yarn.

I work on costumes for the Halloween party. Tuesday before the party, with costumes pretty much done, both the Husband and I were diagnosed with Strep (a family who gets sick together, stays together).

On antibiotics and the party must go on!

Started feeling better and then we both develop other symptoms–feverish, cold, etc–the day before the party.

IMG_4327The party must go on!

Party was a blast and preparations, despite being sick were quick and on schedule.

Sunday we had our monthly gaming session at our friends house.

Today we just put a deposit on a sunroom for the back of the house.

I am horribly behind on projects, photos and commentary. I apologize. I’ll let you know when photos go live.

(top photo: A cake conceived, constructed, and decorated by the Husband, me, and the Sister)

(bottom photo: Our costumes. The Husband is about to tie me to some train tracks!!!! I made both coats, his vest, and my skirt)


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