IMG_2607I am on vacation next week. Can I get a Hallelujah? While next week’s heavenly time off from work will be geared towards Halloween costume making, I am really really glad for the break. I’ve been feeling tired and sick the last couple weeks and I just need a brake.

I started late on the Halloween costumes. For those of you who started reading me in the last year let me explain. No let me sum up. (How many of you got my reference? Yes, I am a dork.) Every year we host a Halloween party (last year’s photos). Costumes are mandatory and food is creative. I spend the weeks leading up to it in a mad sewing frenzy to make our super secret costumes. I’m generally finishing up said costumes on the day of the shindig and I still have to clean the house, decorate, and make the food. I go crazy and every year swear I will start sewing earlier next year. And every year I don’t.

Lest you think the Husband does nothing, he does a lot of the cleaning, decorating, and talking me down from throwing the sewing machine out the window.

IMG_2632Despite the stress I genuinely enjoy the work, I just need to get the costumes started earlier so I can clean and cook in the weeks prior and lose the time-related stress.

This year I planned to begin work on the costumes over the summer and have both done by the end of September. That didn’t happen. For one thing, the Husband’s RennFaire shirt took three months and then I started my costume but then I became busy. Yeah, bad Liz. No cookie for me.

This year’s costume is AWESOME and I cannot wait to show you pictures. I’m really, really excited if you couldn’t tell. I’m hoping next week’s vacation will be enough time to get the last couple parts done (it only has 3 or 4 parts total between the two of us) and then the rest of October will be free. Since I’m over-scheduled in October with family weekends, a work conference, and a trip to Rhinebeck’s Wool festival I don’t have a lot of time in October.

Do you hear that sound? It’s me slamming my head against the desk.


2 thoughts on “Halloweenie

  1. Woah… I’ve been reading from Google’s Reader the last week or two and I come here to reply to be attacked by a totally different than normal layout.

    Have fun making the Halloween costumes! I cannot wait to see what you’ve come up with for this year.

    I am jealous of Rhinebeck too… one of these years I really want to go, I love the area it is in and bet fall there would be amazing, not to mention all the awesome goodies at the festival.

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