At the beginning of August, the Husband and I went to the Sterling Renaissance Festival. We have attended in the past and in fact, we went the first morning after the Husband “officially” proposed to me eleven years ago. We also saw his ex-girlfriend there but that is another story for another day. Oddly enough, this time we went with the Husband’s ex-girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend which is really only interesting to me. Of course, I’m amused that you can take a bath in Bath. I don’t really get out much. And you knew that. Moving on.

IMG_3779For those of you who have never attended a Renn Faire, there are scheduled performances, street performers, food vendors, stores, and a lot of people in costume. Sometimes a lot of weird people in costume. It’s a lot to see and do while simply wandering outside. The street performers are actors who will perform skits on the roads with each other or innocent victims walking by. We watched as a woman dressed as a noble threw a net on people because she thought they stole from her. Later in the day we watched as a beggar tried to get food (and succeeded) from the ladies next to us.

IMG_3803And yes, we are some of those weirdos in costume but I find it’s more fun to be a part of the crazy than just watching it. And no, we don’t get paid for it like the street performers do. My costume is 100% bought. The Husband’s, however, is homemade. I had just finished the shirt before we left. The shirt that took six months to make because I was lazy. The shirt that was holding up my start on the Halloween costumes. The Halloween costumes that I wanted done by the end of the summer. I’m only half way through mine, but it is looking outstanding!

Anyway, we saw a few shows we’ve missed in the past and one or two we’ve caught before. I highly recommend Don Juan and Miguel. They are crazy and they have whips. And while I don’t think their show has changed in 11 years, it’s still hysterical.

Let’s see. I’m not sure what else to mention. I can say his costume didn’t fall apart (which is good as I’m always convinced that my seams won’t hold with actual wear and tear) and I didn’t fall out of mine (bodices are a bit weird and I need to remember to alter that shirt) so all in all a good day!

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2 thoughts on “RennFaire

  1. Funfunfun! I haven’t gotten to our local Faire this year :( Hopefully next year will be different.

    We are weirdos in costume also – we had a ren-faire style wedding, complete with roasted turkey legs!

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