More darn hats…

IMG_4158Pattern: none
Yarn: Cascade Superwash Wool
Needle: US 7

More hats for Made by Hand. I played with these, trying different decreases and patterns. Overall, they came out well. There are some parts I wouldn’t do again, but hats are so quick and so much fun I just keep doing them. The green hat was inspired by Hermione’s hat in the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie.

Like the last hat, these are meant for the homeless shelter. I made them extra long for the ears and a bit larger for a man’s head. Not that women aren’t homeless (Because women can do everything men can do. Except easily write their name in the snow), but I find a lot of donations tend to be more female-friendly with the domestic violence shelter. Or I have a skewed sense of female-friendly because I’m afraid my hats are a bit too feminine.

Is there more I can say about these hats? I just don’t think so. Instead I give you pictures! Easy night I guess…




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