Trip home take 2

I wrote this yesterday and then accidentally deleted it. I was trying to create a draft that further explained why Anna is evil but weird things happened and then I panicked and removed the wrong page. So here it is again. After wandering DC for a morning Tony and I went to the airport to go home. Presented with bullets

  • We made it to the airport at 1:15/1:25 for our 3:15 flight.
  • Got through check out and security, except Tony left a camera in his pocket which caused confusion and much yelling from the TSA lady.
  • Had a yummy tuna sandwich for lunch.
  • Our flight came in and we boarded on time.
  • Pulled off the gate and went onto the tarmac.
  • Waited on the tarmac for 20 minutes.
  • The captain: “Ladies and Gentlemen, we seem to be having a mechanic failure and need to pull back to the gate. You will need to take your items with you and leave the plane so the issue can be fixed.”
  • We get back to the gate and half of us stand up.
  • The 14 year-old flight attendant: “Ladies and gentlemen, they are looking at the problem. Please stay in your seats while we assess the issue.”
  • 5 minutes later, the 14 year-old flight attendant: “Ladies and gentleman, please leave the plane but you can leave your carry on items in the compartments if you wish. We estimate that the repairs will take 30 minutes to an hour and then we will be back on the runway. Please do not leave the boarding area because we will not look for you when it’s time to go.”
  • I brought my laptop out of the plane. My security expert Husband did not marry a fool.
  • 15 minutes later. The boarding area lady: “Ladies and gentlemen, they have found the problem and it should be ready to go in 30 minutes.”
  • 20 minutes later. The boarding area lady: “Ladies and gentlemen, they have found the problem and it should be ready to go in 15 minutes. I will be back in 15 minutes.”
  • 30 minutes later: The boarding area lady: “Ladies and gentlemen, they are still looking at the problem and your flight may be canceled. We will know for sure in 10 minutes. The next flight to Home is at 9:12 and there are flights tomorrow”
  • Everyone is up in arms and a line forms where she is. I’m freaking out because I. WANT. NO. NEED. TO. BE. HOME. We were hosting a bbq the next day and I had to get some cleaning and cooking in. Heck, I just didn’t want to miss the bbq.
  • 3 minutes later: The boarding area lady: “Ladies and gentlemen, I said it MIGHT be canceled. I can’t make other arrangements for you until it’s officially canceled.”
  • 5 minutes later. The boarding area lady: “Ladies and gentlemen, your flight is not canceled. We have flight coming in from Kentucky at 6:22 and we will have that plane fly you home. Our new depart time is 6:42.”
  • At this point, it’s after 5. We’re all hungry. Tony and I debate about leaving and getting food. Since he is now helping some older lady order a rental car from the destination airport, I go up and make sure we are still leaving at 6:42.
  • 20 minutes later, we start getting ready to do that dinner thing except…”Ladies and gentlemen I have good news. We have had conflicting information. Your plane has been fixed for 30 minutes and you will be boarding shortly.
  • Imagine a big cartoon question mark over our heads. Half the people have left to get food (or get drunk). Tony and I haven’t eaten, but dammit, we’re going to be on that plane.
  • I walk up to the boarding area lady just to make sure that what we heard is correct. And it is. Apparently, while the plane was fixed, the crew did not want to fly it. Um, what? Does the crew not think it’s safe or do they not want to kill their work hours and mandatory rest hours? All she said was the crew, “did not want to get on that plane.” Great.
  • At 5:45 we start boarding.
  • As we walk down that hallway thingy we are asked by the crew to hold up and not enter the plane.
  • We wait for 15 minutes on that hallway thingy and watch flight attendants, boarding lady, and mechanics running back and forth.
  • FINALLY, we are on the plane. A few seats are empty but we assume people were fed up and found other ways home.
  • For 20 minutes we are sitting in a HOT plane watching people go in and out of the flight cabin looking concerned. The vents only blows out hot air and the power goes out intermittently.
  • At 6:22 the last of the passengers comes on board. We had better not have been waiting for him. What happened to “We will not go find you or wait for you so don’t leave the boarding area?” Where we waiting for him? Where’s my pitchfork.
  • At 6:50 we are still at our gate, on the hot plane (although the air may be getting cooler), and people are still going into the pilot cabin. We have not heard anything from anyone.
  • At 7:00, the air is getting cooler, the pilot cabin is closed and we are pulling off.
  • We don’t make it to the runway but at least we went further than our first try out.
  • We have to park because we are at a ground stop. Something about weather in NY state (it was clear) and traffic.
  • At 7:30 we are on the runway and then in the air.
  • At 8:30 after a bumpy ride, we are home and alive.
  • I get home at 9:00 to flowers.
  • I am never, ever, ever flying again. At least not US Airways.

The poor Husband was slated to pick me up and received about 17 calls that night with updates. I ended up driving home with my coworker to stop pestering the Husband. Tomorrow? Possibly an FO (I’m behind again)


One thought on “Trip home take 2

  1. I’m still sorry that you had to deal with air travel hell. And I still like the redesign! Glad to see you back, and I look forward to seeing your next FO.

    And as for the accusation that I am evil? I have only one thing to say to that.


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