Capital Idea

I’m in DC! Of course I’ve been here a few days, I’m just lazy and have been too consumed by my javascript class to actually write. No, I’m just lazy.

The class is interesting. It’s mostly a refresher, but I am learning things. How to play better spider solitaire. How to sleep with my eyes open…Joking, joking. It’s a $1,000 class my job is paying for, I’m getting something out of it.

Right now I’m tired and cranky. Hopefully the caffeine will kick in soon. If it doesn’t, this company may be cleaning drool off the keyboard later today.


2 thoughts on “Capital Idea

  1. How was DC? Did you get to any yarn stores? Was coming back to Husband as great as you wanted it to be? J never understood how I could be so excited to see him after he was only gone 3-6 days until I went away. Now he gives me huge hugs back!

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