FO: Charity Shawl

IMG_3696Pattern: My own
Yarn: Not a clue but it is similar to Lion’s Brand Home Spun
Needle: US 15

For Memorial Day Weekend we drove 5 1/2 hours to Maine (oy) and 5 1/2 hours back home (double oy). That is when I made this shawl for Made by Hand. It’s taken me far too long to post about the darn shawl.

This past HanukkaChristmasKwaanzaSolstice our knitting group held a gift exchange. It was amazing how everyone seemed to get exactly what they needed or really wanted. So what did I get? If you had to ask that, you haven’t been reading this blog for that long. Of course I got four skeins of yarn whose information I can no longer find, darn it. Then the problem happened–I had no idea what to do with the yarn. I left it out on display until I could come up with a project, this project in fact.

IMG_3694So for our never ending drive to Maine I thought I would bring the yarn and pray there was enough for a shawl. After a few false starts I successfully casted on and found a pattern I liked in New Hampshire. Then I finished the piece on the drive home. It was fast and easy and I hope someone will love and enjoy it.

Charity Shawl Pattern:

Okay, this is not quite a pattern but here is what I did to create this shawl.

Yarn: Not a clue what this was but it is similar to Lion’s Brand Home Spun
Needle: US 15

Cast on [edited] 1 stitch. Knit each row increasing on the first stitch of the row (for the first row after cast on, that would be increase on the only stitch there). Continue until it’s the size you want. Cast off and weave in ends. Add fringe or other embellishments if you like.

Easy peasy!


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