Harry Potter Review!

I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Sunday and have a review. It’s a little scattered and I’m sure I missed some points so if you want to know something, leave a comment and I’ll answer. Here’s the thing, there are spoilers here. I’m putting my review behind the cut just in case, but I’m not 100% sure everyone gets the cut depending on how you read the site. So, if you don’t want to read any spoilers yet, please stop right now. That’s right. Stop reading right now and close the browser.

Did I babble enough to prevent those who don’t get the cut to accidentally come across spoilers? I hope so. On to the review

I liked the final book in the Harry Potter Series and thought J.K. Rowling could not have done better. Well, okay, she could have killed Harry in the end but that’s not a huge issue for me. Now just remember these are my O-pinions and if you don’t agree just remember I write in run-on sentences and fragments, I tend to use very small words (a lot), and I haven’t written anything good. Ever. So I would hardly call my self someone who is fluent in the realm of good taste in writing form. Well, any form for that matter but I’m digressing (a lot).

We start the book and within a few chapters Ms. Rowling tells us she is not holding back by killing the owl, Hedwig, whom Harry has had since book 1. This is on par with killing puppies and kitties and is just not nice. You don’t murder animals. Remember watching Independence Day and the dog was running toward the door in the tunnel to escape the blast of alien flames? Remember how you were more worried about that damn dog surviving than the countless innocents in that same scene. Had they killed that dog, it would have been tragic and Hedwig’s death was exactly that. Evil, evil turn Ms. Rowling and I loved it.

Mad Eye Moody dies? eh. The guy was old and she killed the damn owl! Just doesn’t measure up now does it, old Mad Eye.

If I’m ever on the run from a band of evil doers out to get me, I damn well will make sure I have Hermione on my side who just happens to have all of their camping goods in her little beaded purse at the wedding. Then again, if I were playing an RPG (role-playing game) I would do the same. Of course Hermione kicks butt, takes names, and gets the guy (FINALLY, sheesh). She needs to be a superhero.

Go Neville. I think the thing that struck me most with his part in this book was he finally measured up. We all know it could have been him instead of Harry–the bumbling, terribly bad magic user Neville could have been the “chosen one.” Up until this book, you could sort of see him against old Voldy if you squinted your eyes, turned your head, and thought about dancing toadstools. BUT in this book, he confronts the dark lord head on, kills a snake, and looks all heroic while he does it.

I know a lot of people had issue with Lupin and Tonks, both the relationship and death. And I did a bit when I read it. Every time Lupin was in the scene I was convinced he was Impervioused or whatever. “It’s not Lupin, you dolts!” I would shout at the book with the Husband shaking his head as he walked by. However, the more I thought about Lupin and Tonks the more I got it, or made it make sense enough to like it. Here’s thing, Lupin acted like an ass because he was happy being with Tonks and he didn’t think he should be happy. When you have such a low expectation for yourself, you can’t help but to try to sabotage what makes you happy. It’s the Woody Allen affect–I think I’m worthless (or whatever) but you love me so you must be worthless too. That right there explains Lupin’s childish behavior. He’s avoiding what makes him happy because he shouldn’t be happy. He’s a werewolf, dreg of society. The lesson is if you don’t think you should be happy, don’t get married to a really nice girl.

The deaths, or lack of visible death, I can live with. I doubt Rowling killed them off to stop the “shippers” (relationship fanfic according to my friend’s blog) because that would be a waste of Rowling’s time. It’s like god taking time out of his busy schedule to make sure Sean Combs (what’s his name now?) wins a Grammy. I just don’t think something that big cares about something so small. Not that Sean Combs is small, but compared to world hunger, genocide, and poverty, he’s tiny. I see the deaths of Tonks and Lupin as part of a circle. Harry was left alone by his parents’ death and grew up alone and really without friends. Now these two people died and leave a son, Harry’s Godson. Now Harry gets the chance to be a part of someone’s life who is kind of like him–parentless (although he has does have a grandmother), different because of his “mixed heritage,” and the victim of Voldemort’s army. We don’t get to see their deaths but I kind of like that. It’s like life. Important people die all the time and sometimes we are just not there and will never know what happened.

Of course I was annoyed when I first read about their bodies lying next to Fred, because I wanted to know!!!!!!!!

And, excuse me. NOT FRED!!!!!!!!!!! I love the Weasley twins. And now they are just the Weasley twin. It’s not fair. Not fair.

Colin Creevey’s death was just cruel.

Dobby’s death? At first, when he has the knife sticking out of him I was all, “ho hum.” I never really liked him and I was sensing a trend with non-human deaths. But then, she went on about Harry’s turmoil and the funeral and digging the grave and there were tears people. Dobby died. The poor little soul. He was so wonderful to Harry and he was a good house elf. He was a free man cut down in the prime of life.

I think I could be bi-polar.

What else? The end was cheesy. I do admit that I liked it, but it was too happy and simplistic. I did want to know more about them. Did they go back to Hogwarts to complete their 7th year? What are their careers? What about Luna? And they all married young.

I’m glad I was right about Snape loving Lily and I did like how that turned out. I’m glad Ron and Hermione FINALLY got to snogging and I loved how that happened. And Dudley rocks. I never thought I would say that.

The thing is, writing a closing to a series like Harry Potter is hard to do well and I think she did it. Will everyone like it? No. But she brought in items, characters, and plot points from all the books and she did enough to make me happy with the majority of it. Still, I thought it would be better if Harry died, but I’m old and cynical and I don’t think that’s her audience. I’m extremely happy I was able to go on this ride and I know no other book will ever match this journey again.

I’m sure I missed something important so if I did and you are dying to know ask. I’m done for today.


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Review!

  1. Cool! Finally someone else I know (sort of) has read it! I really doubted that Harry would die because frankly, he’s not just the hero, he’s the one the young readers identify with. I just couldn’t see a way to actually kill him off that was consistent with the kind of literature it is. I thought everyone else was fair game, including Ron and Hermione (but probably not both). I was please to see I was right about that and about Snape and his motivations. I really liked the fact that relationships and characters continued to grow and change in often surprising ways. I actually expected Mr. Weasley to die, but it makes more sense the way it turned out. (In an interview today, Rowling mentions that she originally intended to kill Mr. Weasley in book 5). I thought Molly W. rocked at the end–go Molly! I wish there had been a way to “see” what was going on at Hogwarts, but that could be a whole ‘nother book and very distracting. On the whole, it was better than I think I expected!

    There, run-on paragraph much? I’ve read it twice already and have had no one at all I could talk about it with!

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