Smell the crazy…it smells like cheese.

I’m going crazy (going?) waiting for the H4rry P0tter book. I’m trying to avoid all spoilers that are out there and yet? I. Am. Dying. To. Know. I have 2 days 10 hours and various minutes before I have the book in my hands and I can’t wait. My inner toddler is coming out in spades. Gyah!

Having the movie to look forward to last week helped prolong this horrible desire for the book. When Monday came, I was getting a bit antsy for the book. Then a friend posted her review of a copy she read online, which I do not condone. Thankfully it was behind a cut so I was not spoiled but I want to read!!!

God, I’m whining.

We did see the movie (H4rry P0tter and the OOTP) on Saturday for our anniversary. While I didn’t hate it, I wasn’t in love with it either. It was good, but give me the book. Because of time constraints they always pull out my favorite part of the books–the characters. I want the personalities and instead the movies focus on Harry and plot. While that’s not a bad thing, it’s not what I enjoy most.

The fifth installment did a few things really well and a few things horribly, horribly bad. I loved the Umbridge montage in the school but hated how certain things were sort of left out, like how kid ‘A’ ended up with the group when they weren’t there two seconds ago or how nothing was quite explained well at the end.

All-in-all it was fun to watch, but not amazing.


2 thoughts on “Smell the crazy…it smells like cheese.

  1. Well, I got the book on Saturday and finished on Sunday morning … at 2:45 a.m. I am looking forward to seeing what you thought of it. I really enjoyed it! I also went through several Kleenexes.

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