Weddings & Anniversaries

726858124207_0_BGThe sister-in-law was married last Friday. She looked absolutely beautiful and her husband looked very handsome. I have posted pictures, most of which aren’t mine, at the flickr account. Many, many of the Husband’s family have been wonderful and sent me their photos to add to the collection. I have more coming between the photographer and other family so I will let you know when more go up.

616858124207_0_BGI had so much fun at this wedding and think it was one of the best I have ever attended. A lot of that fun is attributed to the Husband who learned ballroom dancing for me. In college I was on the competitive ballroom dance team and he never learned to dance. He would still dance but it was freestyle–you know just kind of move to the music–which I hated and felt like embarrassed by my lack of ability when I tried. Over the last couple months he learned ballroom dancing for me. We did mostly swing a the sister-in-law’s wedding and either the first few sings or the two mimosas I had made me comfortable enough to dance freestyle with him. We were on the floor most of the night and it was a blast.

Yesterday was our 9-year wedding anniversary. Saturday we will celebrate by going to the new Harry Potter movie (7 days until the book!) and a nice dinner at a new sushi place. I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful friend in my life who not only would learn dances for me but has supported me through the death of my parents, various insecurities, and running (I’m almost running the entire 2.5 miles and my knee hasn’t fallen off). I hope that I have supported him just as well because he deserves that and more. AND he cleans toilets so he’s definitely a keeper.

Okay, enough sappy, lovey-dovey stuff and lest you think he is perfect, he does breathe on me when I’m trying to sleep which is very rude. I have one more FO on the way and then I need to finish the hat I’ve been working on. At some point I need to do an entry on my spinning wheel now that I’m getting it down (I love that machine!), but for now I’m tired and too busy counting down the days to my Harry Potter book. Not that I’m obsessed over it.


2 thoughts on “Weddings & Anniversaries

  1. Happy wedding, and happy anniversary! Cleaning toilets alone would sell me!!!!! By the way, Tubey looks fab. Very flattering.

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