FO: Tubey

IMG_3617Pattern: Tubey
Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft
Needle: US 8

The sister-in-law was married this past Friday!!!! It was a beautiful ceremony and I’ll have pictures later, but I now have time to take and post the last of the pictures.

Today, I present Tubey. I really, really liked this pattern. It knit up quick and fits pretty well. I added some short row shaping in the bust area as I have more than my share in that region. When I bought the two bags of yarn at a store closing sale, I didn’t realize the yarn was of two different dye lots, one lot per bag. Fortunately, when I switched shades it worked out so the colors changed just under the bust. (You can sort of see it in the photo. It worked out so well by accident that I believe I owe the knitting gods a sacrifice. Maybe I’ll build a pyre and burn some alpaca.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to sew up the neck area more than it is. I’m not afraid of a little bra strap showing, because really it usually pops out, but I can’t decide if it bothers me enough to try to close the difference. Now if it only would get cold again so I could wear it out.


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