FO: The return of the knitty kitty

Pattern: Knitty Kitty
Yarn: Patons Divine
Needles: US 3


For ChanukkaChristmasKwanzaSolstice every year I get (and give) a god-mommy gift. Last year Tryslora, the mother of my wonderful (if not severely energetic) godson, asked the boy, “What do you want me to pick up for Auntie Liz this year for your gift?” To which the 5-year-old said, “Yarn!” He is a genius.

So I received a few skeins of yarn, including this Patons Divine which is soft, fluffy, and furry. My god son mentions, “That yarn would be good for a knitty kitty.” I may have asked him his opinion of what to make or not I can’t remember, but he was totally fishing for a kitty which makes him a genius and an adorable kid so I decided to make him a kitty.

IMG_3563Of course when I told the kitty that he was to go play with a 5-year-old little boy with more energy than a frat boy hopped up on speed, coffee, pixie sticks, and Jolt, the cat made his opinion known.

This is such an easy project and I finished it in a few hours during a movie night and knitting group.


Chickie, the godson’s sister who brought the kitty back to her brother,
swearing to me that she would give the Kitty
to her brother and not keep it for herself.
You can see the “oh hell no, I’m keeping it” look in her eyes.


One thought on “FO: The return of the knitty kitty

  1. Thats so cute and I would keep it for myself too :) Those quilt squares are awesome and you have given me a perfect idea for a new project…like I need a new project!

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