FO: Blanket Squares

IMG_3557Yarn: Encore Plymouth Yarn (75 % Acrylic, 25 % Wool)
Needle: US 8

My knitting group is making a blanket as a charity project. Each member who wanted to participate had to knit or crochet 2 12×12 squares and someone other than me will be putting the squares together (thank all that is good an holy). I know this was for charity and I know I enjoyed making both patterns, but my goodness did I HATE, LOATHE, and REVILE this project. I didn’t like the yarn one bit–it hurt my hands–and trying to hit 12×12 even with a gauge swatch seemed harder than performing open heart surgery on myself, blindfolded, with one hand tied behind my back, and drunk.

IMG_3560I did choose patterns that I wanted to try and was absolutely in love with so that helped me finish. The cable trees are from “A Third Treasury of Knitted Patterns” by Barbara Walker (at least, I think it’s that edition) and I can’t remember where I found the quilt-style blanket.

Once the blanket is complete, I’ll try to get a photo.





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