Checking in…

So what have I been up to lately? What has been keeping me away from posting? I wish I could say world peace but that isn’t it. In the spirit of having something up here, I give you bullet points.

  • We found out it was a friend of ours who left the lovely Buddhas so I can stop being afraid that they are going to rise up. Of course they still could.
  • My FO posts are slow to come because Photoshop has been a pain in various regions of my anatomy. I need to download Gimp or something. One theory is that it is the new monitor and the other is my Photoshop settings (except I can’t find any settings). I suspect there may be an accident with a steamroller in my computer’s future.
  • I started running. It’s sad. Little old ladies using walkers are passing me.
  • I’ve been playing a bit more in Cafepress. I now have 4 stores–Kisknit, Kisknit 2, Kisknit 3, Kisknit 4. I want to actually have a nifty paid space but need to have items and enough money coming in to make it pay for itself. My pieces are cheesy and probably horribly designed so I doubt that will happen.
  • I’ve been sewing! *gasp* I’m almost done with the darn piece. It only took 5 months of sitting out to get me started. That and realizing it’s almost July.
  • In just over a week, my sister-in-law gets married and I will finally be a bridesmaid!

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