FO: Hat for Charity

IMG_3531Pattern: None
Yarn: Cascade Superwash Wool
Needle: US 7

I am so far behind on FO posts. I think I have 3 more to come after this…

This hat is my second-made but first-posted contribution to Made By Hand. This year we are making handmade items for a local homeless shelter and a domestic violence shelter. This is the first of some (hopefully) warm, masculine hats for the homeless shelter.

I tried casting on for this on our trip to Maine but it just wasn’t working at all. I think I cast on and then frogged four times before giving it up as a temporary wash. So for our trip to New Jersey, I decided to try the darn hat again on different needle sizes and the darn thing worked. Apparently for me, New Jersey is the land of hats.


I made the hat extra long and extra big for a larger-sized head. Will it end up actually fitting someone? I’m not sure. It’s not terribly large compared to my head and the Husbands and many men have large heads (not intentionally a jab at boys) so I think it will do.

When it was finished, I had the Husband try the hat on to check size and he almost didn’t give the hat up. I see making a hat for him in the future. A hat for the Husband who doesn’t wear hats. Of course, he did just hack off his hair after 13 years so I imagine his head will be colder than normal. But I like the guy and the yarn was nice so I’m more than happy to make one or two extra for him.

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