What’s with all the Buddhas?

IMG_3520We are the victims of a drive-by Buddha.

After we returned from NJ this past weekend we noticed an addition to the back garden–a little, happy Buddha. We had no idea who left it, but thought it was cute and decided to keep it as part of the garden.

Then, yesterday morning the Husband came in from his run to let me know that another Buddha had appeared in the front garden. At least he doesn’t remember it being there before. I suspect it’s been there since the first one and we are just oblivious. Either way we now have two.

The first was cute.  A second is a bit creepy, like horror movie creepy. I expect one morning I’ll walk out to get the mail only to be confronted with a cadre of little Buddhas come to kill me and my neighborhood. I suspect they are more around and they are secretly holding meetings.

Or not.

We think a friend is putting them in the yard, although her boyfriend is denying it was either him or her. We’ll see how long they continue denying it after the Buddhas cut out my liver!


4 thoughts on “What’s with all the Buddhas?

  1. You have a laughing buddha, or some call it the buddha of happiness. These are wonderful things to have around your home, as they are said to give happiness wherever they are. I have one on my front porch, one in the garden. You can rub its belly, too, for extra happiness and laughter. At any rate, they are wonderful conversation pieces.

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