A Searching We Will Go…

Last weekend we made our way out to Rochester for our future brother-in-law’s graduation. I of course brought knitting. I almost finished my sweater AND completed a blanket square for my knitting group. Did I get pictures? Of course not. Why would I be that nice.

When we got back I decided to go to the library. See, our knitting group is doing a blanket as sort of mentioned in the paragraph before. Each lady (and I do use that term loosely for me at least) of the group is making two squares. I’ve made my first and I will get a picture later. The second one I want to make must have a tree. I don’t know. I just really want a tree on mine. After searching online I found the Candle Tree from Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I didn’t want to buy yet another knitting book for fear of creating a knitting book/yarn mountain of mythic proportions so off to the library we went.

Have I mentioned I haven’t been to a library in 13 years? Since I was seventeen. Well okay, I went the the library at college but when you need books on communication theory or about Schrödinger’s Cat, it just isn’t quite the same.

Have I mentioned that I now feel old?

In two trips I ended up picking up three versions of A Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Can I just say, wow. Just, wow. Where have these books been all my life. The patterns in range from adorable to amazing to unbelievable. Granted, you have the basic seed stitch, lace, and cable patterns. But then you have a chart for a spider or, if that’s not your cup of tea, a castle. All three books have patterns that just boggles the mind. So of course, now I must own them. At least I’m adding them to my Amazon wishlist so I’m not the one spending money on the knitting book/yarn mountain that will one day crush me under its girth and that’s better, right? Right???

Oh, and as an aside, the ladies I pegged for my meme? Here are their responses if you are interested.






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