dailystitches has decree I do the 8 random things meme but coming with anything interesting and then eight of them(!) oy, this would be difficult. I asked the Husband for suggestion and he said to say that I like to dress as Darth Vader in the bedroom. Now first, ick. I don’t reveal pillow talk here. And second. Oh hell no, I don’t like to dress as Darth Vader.

Besides, he does.

  1. I did competitive ballroom dancing during college. I did win ribbons but if you ask me I was below average. Of course, if you ask anyone related to me by blood or marriage I was the best ever.
  2. I am horrible when it comes to calling customer service. I will call 3 times and get the same answer every time (nope). If the Husband calls? He gets everything fixed all nice with a bow. I can’t figure out how to do that.
  3. Any time Air Supply comes on the radio (or on my archos [think ipod but older]) I sing along. I love Air Supply. I’m all out of love. I’m so lost without you…But I would never ever go to their concert. I only know like three songs.
  4. I didn’t start dating until college and the Husband was only my second boyfriend. I didn’t date in highschool because I was both a tomboy and a geek and, alas, the boys didn’t think I was all that. But now! Now I’m all that AND the chips AND a soda! Okay, not really. But I am cute. On occasion. And I clean up well.
  5. Every morning at work I hook into It was a radio station we found on vacation in Ireland and fabulous. Friday Night 80s, which is really Friday afternoon at work because of the time difference is the best.
  6. I’m a total hypochondriac but it’s my sister’s fault. She had a big huge disease as a child (not cancer) and got a lot of attention because of it. She stayed up late for a test! She got double stuff oreos twice a day to take her pill! (The Sister couldn’t swallow pills so my parents came up with crushing the pill and adding it to a double stuff cookie. She can’t eat them any more and I can’t get enough.) She was given the big girl blood test! Of course the first time I had to have a real blood test I was very much over that.
  7. I have an older sister who is totally brainwashed to worship the ground I walk on.
  8. I have a very odd husband who is going through all his music right now to find cha-chas, rumbas, waltzes, and foxtrots. He’s learning to do ballroom for me. When we go to weddings I don’t like to dance because I feel like a first class dweeb doing freestyle. The Husband doesn’t do ballroom but likes to freestyle. So he’s frustrated enough to sign up for lessons. Now he’s trying to learn enough to be able to dance with me. It’s very sweet.

Pikachu! I choose you! And the rest of you are tagged for this too…








Eternal Sunshine


7 thoughts on “Meme!!!

  1. Thanks for tagging me for this meme thing, I already being tagged few days ago, and I wrote down my 8 things already. :)
    I am so glad that I am tagged twice in a week. :)

  2. Hey! This is the first time I’ve EVER been tagged!!! Yipee!!! Now, I just have to figure out what the hell I’m going to write about! Oy….

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