Where You At?

I have absolutely nothing to talk about so I pose a question to all my readers.

Where you at? I’m curious what countries and states/provinces/counties/whatever are represented here. Be as vague as you want, I will.

I’m representing eastern New York state! (no, not New York City).

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22 thoughts on “Where You At?

  1. I’m betting that I could be further east in eastern NY state than you, because I live on Long Island!

    email me at knitsalotATgmailDOTcom if you are close to that location, and I will tell you what town I am in.

  2. Awesome shawl and wheel in previous posts!

    I live in LA, for the moment right on the beach. (But alas moving inland in a few weeks, meaning that I’ll be living in the mountains.) You are so lucky living in NY — it is such a beautiful state!

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