FO: Irish Diamond Shawl

Pattern: Irish Diamond Shawl from “Folk Shawls”
Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss
Needle: US 8


(I went a little crazy on the photos. Sorry)

The first thing I knit was a stockinette scarf that I gave to my sister. The second thing, another (somewhat fugly) stockinette scarf I kept for myself out of Lion’s Brand Homespun. The third thing was a garter-stitch scarf for my mother-in-law. Her scarf was far and away better than the scarf I made myself, but I went on to make more beautiful and intricate things. I felt it was time to make something fun and interesting for her since she’s a very good mother-in-law to have and I *gasp* actually like her.



I gave the Husband a few patterns to choose from and then had him select the color. Originally this was going to be a Hanukkah gift but there was something in the water or I was taken over by aliens because I realized I didn’t have time to do it right and not go crazy. So instead, this became a birthday present.



The pattern is really easy to understand but I did notice I had one extra stitch after knitting the first eyelet section. The pattern above looked fine so I couldn’t understand what happend AND it was in each section. Since I was feeling lazy instead of frogging I just k2tog’s the last set of stitches in each pattern. Not noticeable and less work. I love it whena plan comes together.

Knitpicks Gloss is to die for. When it blocks up it is so siky and soft that you just want the fabric around you all the time. Or at least I did but I am a bit odd.

All the shots are with me and not my mother-in-law nor the Husband, my usual model. I didn’t want to put her on the spot and the Husband drew the line at shawls. One day I will have him modelling a skirt or something. One day.

IMG_3455I think I’m done with knitted gifts for now. I want to get a few of my projects done, finish my sewing, and work on Made By Hand. I loved this project and I loved making it. It’s going to a wonderful person who basically took my sister in as extended family when my parents died. I hope she wears it well.

Did I mention I went image crazy? I just love this shawl.




7 thoughts on “FO: Irish Diamond Shawl

  1. Wow. The shawl milestone. I have yet to reach it. I think that you are in a whole new league of knitters, now. Incredible job. Amazing.

  2. A very lovely shawl, :) I wished I would make one for myself too.
    Hey, good to know that you fully recovered from the sickness, now you can start spinning and knitting again!

  3. That is GORGEOUS! I think I’m going through a phase right now, I just can’t seem to pick up my knitting. Does that ever happen to you? Hopefully it’s just a phase, so one of these days I’ll be posting a pic of my not so gorgeous but functional toddler poncho. Functionality first…then cool and nifty patterns….I have to keep telling myself!

  4. This shawl is just beautiful. I used to knit, and just picked up needles again. Am rusty, but relearning fast. Do I need to be expert to do this shawl?

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