I never talked about my weekend, did I?

Thank you to everyone for the get well emails and comments. Now that the drugs have kicked in I’m feeling so much better. I guess the moral of the story is if you feel like crap for more than a week, by all that’s good and holy go see a doctor. I’ll try to keep that in mind for next time.

IMG_3445So because I felt awful this week I never wrote about last weekend. I took my Sister and friends M. and B. yarn hopping. As M. puts it we went to some Heroin Huts. At the first stop, we picked up my new baby! The Kromski Sonata in Walnut finish!

I’m in love.

After buying the wheel, getting 1/2 of my free pound of wool to spin, and doing a very embarrassing happy dance, my girls and I frolicked to two other stores in the area. And I am happy to report I did not buy anything else for the day. I walked into yarn stores and didn’t buy yarn!!!! While it could be a sign of the Apocalypse and thus the destruction of all mankind, I found it to be a positive step in the right direction. Which I guess means I’m saying, Mankind be Damned. Of course I did almost buy some fleece but held strong. And I do admit that I thought about going back on Sunday to pick up more, but all in good time.

Sunday night I started spinning my fleece (you can see it on the wheel). I ran into a couple snags with the tension and getting everything to work right but I’m getting there and I love it, so there. I’m not going to get anything fancy to spin on it for a while until I get the knack down.

Oh my Kromski. How I love thee. I think he needs a name…

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