I can’t seem to shake feeling sick. Today I’ve wanted to throw up all day and my head hurts. After watching Bones last night I’m convinced I’ve been poisoned. At least that one stayed with my head and not last night’s Lost. That was some beautiful plotting right there.

The Irish Diamond Shawl is done blocking so I just need to get some photos. I have to say this shawl and the socks I made for the Husband helped my knitting self-esteem. I always comment that I’m a slow knitter, because I am–I’m actually slow at a lot of things–but I’ve not really discussed how I think of myself as a knitter. For the longest time, I thought I was awful. I always saw my mistakes and my knitting was never good enough. Everyone else I knew was better, faster, and more knowledgeable than I. I don’t know if 2007 is my year or if the last two projects took me out and beat some sense into me, but I’ve realized I’m a damn good knitter. In fact, I know I’m the best knitter I know. (How’s that for conceited?) My stitches are clean and even and I do beautiful work.

Apparently I go from no self-esteem to Master Knitter! Overkill? Probably. But I like this conceited state I’m in. I take a project I’ve done and I’m 100% happy with it mistakes and all. That’s a good thing for me. Maybe I’ve been taken over by aliens…


One thought on “fugh

  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling icky. I hope it isn’t what my entire family had about two weeks ago–some of us are still coughing!

    I tend to run down my own knitting, too. I think we all do. I’m glad you’re feeling more confident! Maybe I can catch a little of that.

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