Halloween in March?

I have decided my next projects. Yes projects. I’m focusing on sewing for a while with some knitting. Last year I promised the Husband sew his Rennfaire garb. I didn’t. I’m a bad wife but I had other more important things to do like…um…Sleep! and Read! and…um…No. Nothing. I had nothing. I was just procrastinating. I did make the pants for my sewing class. So tonight I cut out the pattern for the shirt. Then I do the jerkin or whatever it’s called.

We’ll see how long I focus on this. The problem is Halloween. Every year I swear that I will make our costumes well in advance and every year I’m madly sewing the finishing pieces the night before or even the day of. That would be fine but since we host a party I still have to clean the house and make food. So, this year once again I swear that as god as my witness I will not be sewing the week of the Halloween party again! Really. Of course I do have the added incentive of a possible weekend-long Rhinebeck trip right before the party.

To avoid the horror this year I plan to finish my costume by the start of Summer and finish the Husband’s by the end of summer. Fortunately we have come up with a brilliant costume so I can start, that is AFTER I finish the promised Rennfaire garb. Yeah. I think I may be digging myself into a hole.

And as last year, the Halloween costumes are super top secret. Maybe I’ll get in some artsy shots this time as hints, but I don’t like to say what I’m going as in case I completely screw it up. I have issues like that. I can say though, this year I’m going to be pretty.

And since I’m crazy, I’m going to start up a mystery knitting project. Wow, after reading this through, I have all sort of teaser projects and not anything to satisfy. I promise I’ll get some photos up of something soon. Maybe my foot or something.


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