The Plague

A disease of unknown type has run rampant in this house during the the last week or so. It was evil and awful but because I couldn’t read or go to work, I did a lot of knitting. In fact, the Irish Diamond Shawl is done. Wait a moment while I do my happy dance…

numbersI am a list sort of person. When I need to get things done and want to feel like I’ve accomplished something I make a list. It actually gets a bit obsessive with my need for lists. Heck, I’ll even have lists of lists. Yeah, I don’t get out much. With the Irish Diamond Shawl I started a rows-left count which fills in my list quota quite nicely. I counted the number I had left for the first lace pattern then later for the second pattern to the end and it was like heaven. I saw my progress every day and it inspired me to do more just to see that number go down. I think if you are in a rutt on a project, try that. It can help.

Of course now I need to decide what to do next.

On to other news…we have decided on food for the bridal shower thanks to the lovely ladies in my knitting group. Knitaddict, you will be happy to know that no cucumber sandwhiches will be served. Instead we are serving California-style Cuisine and Sushi (maybe) in honor of my sister’s-in-law move to California someday after the wedding. I hope that was vague enough for my stalkers who may want to stalk her instead. I’m nothing if not paranoid!


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