Review: Magknits March 2007

The March Magknits has been up for a couple days. It has some very nice patterns that I’m not really excited about. I think the problem is the socks, I’m not overly impressed with sock patterns in general. I can’t figure it out.

A Scarf Askew

This is my favorite pattern of the bunch. A beautifully simple and masculine scarf that doesn’t look simple. Fantastic.


I like the stitch pattern.

Emerald Beaded Bracelet

Let me start off by saying, I don’t wear much jewelry and I don’t wear bracelts.  I like the idea and techniques behind this, just not the look.

Very Berry T-Shirt

I have often said that I wouldn’t make kid’s clothing because they grow too fast. This shirt would not change my mind.

Rainy Day Socks

It’s pretty, but I think I’ve seen it somewhere before.

Shimmer Socks

Very interesting stitch pattern.


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