Occasionally I have deep thoughts…but today may not be that day.

IMG_3138At the beginning of 2007 I decided to make a resolution which is something I’m normally against, but then I’m a hypocrite so there you go. I decided that I would no more be an ADD knitter and work on four projects at once. Instead I would have only 2 projects on the needles at once. And so far I kept this up. Sorry, no lamenting about how I broke my resolution. Acutally, my other resolution was to buy less yarn (god forbid) and so far I haven’t purchased any yarn in 2007. Of course, two months is not that long a time.

But what did end up happening in 2007 was very odd for this little ADD knitter. After I made my Kaua’i socks, I started working only on the Irish Diamond Shawl. That’s it. Just the shawl. And I liked it.

I focused on it and knit half of the entire piece in about two weeks. Seriously. I think there is a moral there. My knitting frustrates me on occasion. Not the process of knitting, but how long it takes to complete something. I am a slow knitter which is partially because I’m a slow knitter and partially because I knit while watching TV, talking, gaming, or driving. Well, I’m not driving I’m riding but as I get car sick easily I need to look at the road more than my knitting. But knitting multiple projects slows everything down and while you’ve comleted 40% of 4 projects, nothing is actually done and that creates dissolusionment.

IMG_3149Working on just the one project, I was able to see the progress I made and it encouraged me to do more. On top of that, my fingers became used to the pattern and there was no more relearn time. I should be done in a few more weeks and that amazes me to no end. I thought I would be still working on it by May.

So now I need to apply this mentality to something else. I’ve been overwhelmed at work since July so maybe I can somehow adapt this newfound knowledge and suddenly feel like I’m not drowning into a vat of flaming ants. Something to play with and something to try. Of course, there is simply winning the lottery and then living free with no job and only knitting. Then I’d have no problems with one project at a time and getting things done.


One thought on “Occasionally I have deep thoughts…but today may not be that day.

  1. I’m a new knitter and I, too have the problem of too many projects at the same time! I just get frustrated at how long it takes and I’m anxious to start the next big thing. I’ve just started a poncho for my daughter…and I have yet to finish that damned scarf for my friend…it’s just sitting there on my 9 needles…a fuzzy pile next to my chair. I feel your pain!

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