I am a wh0r3 in so many many ways, yet not in any of the traditional ways. We all know that I’m a yarn wh0r3. Put me in a room with yarn and I will melt down to my little toes and then try to buy everything I can afford and then try to find ways to get the yarn I cannot afford. What? There is nothing wrong with that until you die from your yarn mountain.

I’m also a Journalist wh0r3. I love getting to be a legal peeping tom–looking into people’s virtual windows and see what they are doing. Have you ever walked outside at night and look at the windows of people’s houses as you pass by to see what the people are doing? Of course you have, I cannot be the only freak out there who does this. I don’t want to see you in your undies (ew). I just like looking for that brief second into someone’s life. Seeing them eat dinner or prance around in a tutu and clogs. Whatever.

One of the journals I read obsessively is bitchypoo. I heart her and in my stalker fan moments dream about having high tea with her and going to the mall together and skipping through a field of daisies holding hands…what? Okay, no I don’t really do that. She’s actually an interesting writer, funny, and has the vocabulary of a sailor. All things I love.

Imagine my surprise when I get a frantic email from the Sister today (who I’ve gotten addicted to Bitchypoo) that I’m mentioned in her journal!!!! Is it sad that I feel like god or Mandy Moore or Angelina Joile have acknowledge my existence? Yeah, I thought so to.

Anyway she linked to me so here’s a quick wave back to anyone who has stopped by. I’m dull and boring and knitting obsessed but feel free to stick around! I’m also right now on (legal) drugs which I think explains my manic state right now…


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