FO: Short Row Rib Scarf

IMG_3408Pattern: Short Row Rib Scarf
Yarn: Noro Kureyon
Needle: US 10

Edited to add (5/21/08): Sadly Magknits, the site that had this pattern, is gone and I do not have a hard copy but (thanks to Sapna) you can get the pattern through

I finally got around to getting pictures for my projects and forced the Husband to be my model. I’ve covered his face in these because he’s all sullen and sad about being in my photos for such a girly scarf. That and he couldn’t stop laughing.

I finished this scarf the week of January 15 and have been wearing it since, but without shots of the project have been very afraid that I would rip it in two in the meantime. No more! Now I can wear it with ease and run with scissors and everything!

IMG_3401I love the colors. The Noro is absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I do admit it’s a bit scratchy, but that’s the nature of wool and after a lot of wear it should soften more.

I had planned on making the scarf to be the same lenght as my normal one, but after washing it and letting it dry, it grow exponentially. Let that be a lesson to always, 1) do a gauge swatch and 2) wash and dry your gauge swatch. Oh and add some weight to your gauge swatch so you can see stretch. The tassles are he-vay! I think I actually like how long it is. Which surprises me to no end because I hate long scarves as they always end up getting in the way, stepped on, driven over, etc. You can see in the photo on the right the scarf ends around the husband’s knees and he’s 5′ 10″. At my 5′ 6″ it’s a long scarf.

You can also see in the pictures parts of the Husband’s new socks. That post will be coming later…

The Husband doing the classic male model pose….


Not terribly happy posing for me.



15 thoughts on “FO: Short Row Rib Scarf

  1. So i clicked on the link for the pattern and it won’t bring up the page…. is there any way that maybe you could post the pattern or email it to me?

    Thank you so much! It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Thanks anyway. It’s just I’ve admired that scarf for a long time now and figured it would be perfect to make a few for the charity group that I knit alot for, called Online Angels. Great organization. I’m always on the lookout for new patterns to make for them. It’s a beautiful scarf !!! Lois

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  6. Thank you for your preservation of pattern! This morning, I was very disappointed at the disappeared pattern page. Through the googling, I could find your posting and pattern! Thanks a lot again!!

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