Winter Wonderland?

IMG_3385Earlier this week I was whining about not having 100 inches of snow like western New York has received. Today I’m working at home because of the blizzard. Sadly, we won’t reach 100 inches, but I think we’re expecting 3 feet. Didn’t the groundhog not see his shadow this year?

I’ve pretty much hit my stopping point for work. I finished everything I set up to do. It’s very odd. I could start another project but the network is so slow that it’s driving me batty. The question is do I go knit, play my new game, or read. It’s a tough question.

I’m back on the Irish Diamond Shawl and would love to work on it right now. I’m using size 7 or 8 needles and they are HUGE after working on the socks. Mammoth.

I’m reading “Mad Ship” by Robin Hobb. It’s the second book in the live ship series. I just finished “Magic Ship” and loved it immensly. I’ve read her Farseer trilogy last year and that was just as good. I love it when I actually want to finish a book rather than feel obligated to read a book.

Then for Valentines day, the Husband bought me “Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball 2” which I love. When he bought the first game for me, the male cashier commented that the Husband shouldn’t let his wife know he bought the game. *nudge nudge wink wink* The Husband of course responded that he was buying the game, filled with well-endowed women in tiny bikinis, was actually for his wife. Oddly, the cashier didn’t believe him. And I love these games. I get a hoot out of the zoom feature for winners. See, if you win a volleyball match, you can zoom in on the player onscreen. Except the zoom only goes to two places–breasts and butt. It’s bloody hysterical! Ahhh…the 13-year-old boy market is my market.

So what do I do? What would you do?

The Husband is busy working so I can’t get him to model the socks or photograph my scarf until later. Where are his priorities, I ask you.


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