Superbowl challenge Part 2

The answer is no. But I made a great deal of progress. One would think I’d get a photo of it.

Friday I went to a knitting group with my sister. She goes a few times a week so they know her quite well. I was amazed by the knowledge these women had regarding knitting. I was also shocked to see how unfriendly they were. Of course, it may have been me. I find when I’m with a large group of people I don’t know I get either manic and over-bubbly or very, very quiet. I tended toward quiet that night. I was overwhelmed. And no one initiated any conversation to me. I know my knitting group is better than that. We at least ask questions of the person and try to make them feel welcomed.

I am going to go back again, though. I can snorkel in actual water, I can try this again.


2 thoughts on “Superbowl challenge Part 2

  1. It’s really weird when they say things like, “you didn’t buy that here…”, and other not so friendly things like that.

  2. Brave! I’m very timid about new groups, and I don’t think I’d nerve myself up for a second run if I felt unwelcome in a knitting group.

    I want to see the socks – I am constantly on the verge of giving sock knitting a try, and every little bit of inspiration/encouragement pushes me that much closer to actually doing it.

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