Trains, Plains, and Automobiles

The week before our trip I worked to finish the short row rib scarf so I would not break my resolution of working on only two projects at a time. I wanted to knit while on vacation and I loathe bringing a work in progress because if I were to lose it, I would be devastated. I had decided I would make socks. If I lost a ball of sock yarn and some needles, I’d be sad, but it wouldn’t be horrible. Not like losing an almost complete scarf or my Irish Diamond Shawl. If I lose that shawl, I’m curling into a ball and crying.

IMG_3282The morning of Jan 22, we woke up at 3am and, with knitting in hand, went to see if my needles would be confiscated while I was hurried off to a special room by 7 big guys named Tiny. According to the TSA, knitting needles are okay but are up to the final discretion security. If security thinks my delicate, tiny toothpicks are a weapon then I lose the needles. And since a plastic bag is an excellent measure against liquids possibly being and explosive, then who knows what sort of nefarious deeds could be performed by a size 1 wood dpn. And I did choose wood so they wouldn’t show up on the scanners. At least I hoped.

They didn’t and I was ushered through security. I knit on and off in waiting areas and on flights, when I wasn’t reading or sleeping that is. Each time I took out my sock in progress I held my breath to see if a flight attendent or security guard would come swooping down and carry me away never to be seen again. Fortunately, it never happened and I’m now on the second sock.

I did finish another book on vacation and I’m over half finished with an 800 page book. I finished “Raven’s Shadow” by Patricia Brigg—another favorite author. It’s a fantasy (of course) about a gypsy-esque mage who marries a regular old human and lives among people who fear who and what she is. Then her husband dissapears and the big bad that her people are sworn to keep imprisoned may not be as locked down as they all thought. Good book and continues in another that I need to get.

IMG_3379I’m working on photos from the trip and will start getting more online. Eventually. Right now I’m just tired. I’m not sure if it is jet lag or what but I couldn’t fall asleep at all Wednesday night. Every time I tried, I had an Alanis Morrisette song stuck in my head. I like the song but that doesn’t stop the torture induced from hearing 2 lines over and over and over. Over the next few days I hope to start catching up on what I need to do. We’ll see how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Trains, Plains, and Automobiles

  1. What a gorgeous waterfall!

    A tip for future plane travels — take a self addressed stamped padded envelope with you to the airport, so that if security decides to nix your knitting, you can just send it home.

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