Scarves and books

Sunday night I finished the body of my scarf. Of course Saturday, I had finished my book. I’m sure I could have my scarf 100% done Sunday had I knit more and read less. But when reading one of your favorite authors who’s writing in one of your favorite worlds, sacrifices must be made.

The book in question? Sharon Shinn’s “Angel Seeker.” It’s the fourth book in the Samaria stories and I highly recommend it and the series. But only if you like fluffy, romantic, well-written fantasy, which describes me just as much as the book. It takes place on a world where angels and humans live together. Jovah (god) listens to the angels and they in turn help the humans. It’s a religious world that mirrors ours in a way and I can’t get enough.

So there you go. My weekend. Reading, then knitting. Now I have ends to weave in. I’m still sticking to the two projects at one time resolution (The cardigan listed in the “on the needles” heading doesn’t count right now because I’m deciding if I want to continue with it or frog it. Once I decide then it joins the lot.). Finishing the scarf is excellent timing as I would hate to break a resolution so early in the year since ext week I’ll will need to work on something that doesn’t matter if it gets ruined or lost or stolen. And yes I’m being vague. I’ll be less vague later. Next week I think I will begin socks as my okay to kill project. We’ll see how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Scarves and books

  1. The book sounds intriguing. I’ll have to check it out.

    Your Christmas stocking ornament design is very sweet too! I hadn’t been here for a while and just saw it.

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday … belated.


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