Christmas Stocking Tree Ornament Pattern

I’ve tested the pattern several times but may have included a typo transferring from my scribbles to wordpress. Let me know if you run into a typo or if you have questions. I’m not 100% sold on this pattern so try it at your own risk.

The photo below includes the red stocking that is made directly from this pattern and a green stocking that was made trying to create the pattern.

Special Note (and edited to add):
Look into the Jogless Join (aka Jogless Jog, Jogless Stripe) for switching between colors in the round. One example can be found at but there are more if you do a google search.

[MC] 1 skein in another color
[CC] 1 skein white
*I used both Red Heart Super Saver & Caron Perfect Match for mine and they worked quite nicely.

1 set US 8 Double Point Needles

Gauge: 4 stitches = 1″

pm = Place Marker


  • Cast on 20 stitches in [CC]. Place 5 stitches on each needle
  • Rows 1-5: [k1 p1] across row
  • Row 6: [p] across row (I find adding the purl row gives you a nice looking fold for the cuff)
  • Row 7: [k1 k2tog k8 k2tog k7] Essentially, we’re knitting stitches 2 & 3 together on needles 1 & 3. You now have 18 stitches left
  • Row 8: [k5 k2tog k7 k2tog k2 ] This time, we’re knitting stitches 2 & 3 together on needles 2 & 4). You now have 16 stitches
  • Switch to [MC]
  • Row 9 – 19: [k] (If my math is off, you should be knitting 11 rows in total including row 9)

IMG_2912Creating the Heel Flap

  • Place the first 7 stitches on 1 needle. We’re going to focus on only these 7 for a while.
  • Switch to [CC]
  • Row 1: [k7]
  • Row 2: [p7]
  • Row 3: [k7]
  • Row 4: [p7]

Turning the Heel

  • Row 1: [S1 k2 k2tog k1] turn the work around
  • Row 2: [S1 p2tog p1] turn
  • Row 3: [S1 k1 k2tog] turn
  • Row 4: [S1 p1 p2tog]
  • 3 stitchs now remain on the heel.

Now it’s time to join the heel back to the rest of the stocking. Starting with the three stitches in the heel…

  • Switch to [MC]
  • Row 1: [S1 k2 pick up 2 stitches down the side of the heel flap k remaining stitches then pick up 2 stitches on other side of the heel flap]
  • Row 2: [k3 k2tog k until 2 stitches are left in the row ssk] (14 stitches remain)
  • Rows 3-6: [k] (this should be 4 rows)
  • Switch to [CC]
  • Row 7: [k]
  • Row 8: [k2tog k2 ssk k1 k2tog k2 ssk k1]
  • Row 9: [k]
  • Row 10: [k2tog ssk k1 k2tog ssk k1]
  • Bind off!


Cut yarn leaving a 6″ tail. Thread yarn through a tapestry needle and pull yarn through last 4 stitches. Pull tight. Secure the yarn on the inside of the hat and weave in ends. Attach a hook or create a crochet chain loop so you can hang the stocking from a tree.


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