Review: Magknits January 2007

January 2007 Magknits has been up for over a week and I’ve been postponing a review until I was in a better mood. Let’s just say that 2007? Not a good year thus far and I’m trying to work on being a nicer person. Look on the bright side, enhance the positive, and all that. We’ll see how long that lasts.

I was surprised at how few patterns there were but overall it was an interesting issue.

Holey Cable!

I really wish I could see the whole sweater. I like how the cable detail opens on the sleeve.

New York Hat

It looks fuzzy. I like fuzzy.


I like it. I do like the fact that by using stockinette I could add a chart to one side. Oh, say….Silvanus…and that my dears, is something I would totally make. Forest god and all.


Pretty, pretty blues. I’m giving up on reviewing socks. These are very nice, but they all look the same to me. Maybe when I start knitting my own in the next few weeks. So I vote very, very pretty on these but nothing unusual.

Indian Summer Collar

Oh why did I decide to be a nicer, more positive person from now on! I file this sucker under “Concept Art.” It’s not something I would ever, in a million years, want to make, but the techniques, the inspiration, and the art that goes into it are breathtaking.


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