Checking in

I haven’t been updating with much frequency lately. Work has been busy and I’m so tired when I get home that I don’t want to be anywhere near a computer. I’ve also been very tired and cranky, something I’m sure you can see in a few of my reviews. It’s still no excuse. I’m a bad bad girl. No yarn for me.

IMG_2971I mentioned a few posts ago that my goal for 2007 is to focus on 2 projects at a time. No more of this ADHD knitter crap with 4 projects going and then throwing one more in for a gift that must be done in 1 week. For the first week of 2007 I have stuck with that resolution. It’s the small things right?

I started the incredibly shrinking Short Row Ribbed Scarf from Magknits the week before New Years. Incredibly shrinking, you ask? Yup. Incredibly shrinking. I only started it and then ripped it out 4 times and then only frogged a few sections as I’ve gone. Great progress, and then I hit undo. Does anyone else ever wonder where the undo button is in real life? *sigh* Moving on. I’m using the Noro for it and just didn’t like the width of the scarf I was creating. I’d probably be done by now if I hadn’t had to restart it but it does knit up quick and I’m in the rhythm now so it should be done in the next week. Of course I’m reading a really good book right now so who knows when it will actually be done.

IMG_2967I’m also back to the Irish Diamond Shawl. If anyone has actually made this sucker, I’m at the part where you want to start crying from the boredom. The shawl is diamond shape but there is no seaming so, without giving away too many copyright secrets, you start small and then increase working your way up. The rows just get bigger and bigger and bigger. It now takes 698 pattern repeats and an hour to finish each row. Soon, I’ll be to 1 whole skein per row. Okay, so that’s an exaggeration.


Finally, last night we watched Cast Away. The Husband and I had never seen it before and it was about time. I have never cried for a volleyball before. I did realize (yet again) while watching the movie what a complete knitting dork I was. When Tom Hanks washes up on the island my first thought was, “I would have no idea what to do and would be dead in days.” Then I thought, “eek! I couldn’t knit. Well I could, I’d need to carve needles out of sticks. But what would I use for yarn? Leaves? Bark?” After that I thought, “That is such a nice sweater. It’s a shame he won’t need it on a tropical island. Of course he could frog it and knit something useful with it. A fishing net, maybe?” Yup. I’d wash up on an island and get my knitting setup together first and then I’d worry about things like food, fire, and shelter.

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